WPA Think. Act. Play.

Link to the Guidelines for Think. Act. Play by Water Polo Australia


Think.Act.Play. (T.A.P) is a national campaign that sets out and promotes the expected behaviours to play and participate in the sport of water polo in Australia. The three key pillars of Think. Act. Play. (T.A.P.) work together to promote and strengthen a positive and healthy environment in water polo.

Think before you speak: Our words can inspire and influence. A positive and considerate words and attitudes create environments in which each of us and our game can thrive and succeed.

Act with respect: Living and breathing behaviours that demonstrate mutual respect for yourself, your opponent, the rules and officials of the game and for everyone involved with the sport to feel included and enjoy all the sport has to offer. 

Play in the spirit of the game: Our shared passion for the game coming to life through displays of sportsmanship, fairness, comradery, commitment and a sense of pride in the way we participate and compete.


Who is Think.Act.Play. for?

The principles of Think.Act.Play. are applicable to everyone involved with water polo. Players, parents, coaches, officials, volunteers and spectators of every age, level and State all contribute to a positive and thriving sport.


What is Think.Act.Play? 

Water Polo is a game with a rich history, steeped in tradition, and played by passionate individuals. It is intrinsically linked to Australia’s water-loving and team-based sporting culture. Playing Water Polo is rewarding, and can enrich the lives of all those involved.

Water Polo Australia strives to always provide a safe, fair and inclusive environment to play the sport of Water Polo in Australia. WPA ensures that the core values, positive behaviours and good reputation of the sport are maintained through programs like Think.Act.Play.

The T.A.P. campaign is underpinned by the WPA National Integrity and Policy Framework which includes, but is not limited to:

  • WPA Code of Conduct,
  • WPA Personal Grievances Policy,
  • WPA Member Protection Policy,
  • WPA Conduct and Disciplinary Policy.
  • WPA National Sanctioning Policy, and
  • WPA Social Media Policy.


The WPA National Integrity and Policy Framework sets out our minimum expectations of behaviour and is the structure to ensure unacceptable behaviours in the sport of water polo are addressed. 

Think. Act. Play  promotes the behaviours and norms we can be proud of.


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