Our club adopts and abides by the WPA and WPNSW policies, procedures and guidelines. 

WPA Policies

WPNSW Policies

Complaints, Incidents and Member Protection

Should you have any complaints, would like to report an incident (see below) or raise any issues/concerns around member protection, the Club is here to support our players and members.  Please email our Member Protection Information Officer using the following email address: 



Reporting of Incidents

When reporting an incident, please provide as much detail as possible like,

  • when did the incident occur e.g. game details of who we versed and game time and quarter incident occurred
  • where did the incident occur e.g. game location
  • the opposing player number 
  • our player number 
  • what the incident was e.g punch to the face
  • what was said/heard, when and by whom e.g during game, change rooms after game
  • any other information you think may be relevant 


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